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Whats new in HTML5?

I started reading up on html5 tags on my favorite ..

Here are the ones I find very interesting and useful to know.
Note: some of them are not supported yet in major browsers.

New Features :

Offline storage support ditching cookies.

New Tags

Elements :

menu- Not yet supported. But a step towards making web sites like desktop apps
nav - Gives a navigation header of links
meter - Provides a progress bar like control to denote process completion
progress - Similar to meter above
time - represent time as machine parsable
wbr - Mark places that are suitable for word breaking. useful in formatting paragraphs media :

audio - Self explanatory play audio
figcaption/figure- caption for an image and an image or chart itself.
video - Most expected feature that is touted to rid of all the flash woes. 
track - Support for closed captions etc. graphics:
canvas - Basically treat browser window area as a drawable canvas element using js.  form related:
datalist - Sort of like a text box with an au…